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TIP-41: Acquisition of Ryu to Accelerate Treasure's Product RoadmapClosed

# Summary This proposal is authored by Ross Krasner, the Co-Founder & CEO of Ryu Technologies Inc. (”Ryu”) and Core Contributor to the Distribution of Games Protocol (“DoG Protocol”). We would like to propose to the Treasure DAO community the following: - In consideration for $400,000 equivalent as MAGIC, acquire all of Ryu and DoG Protocol’s assets and IP to Treasure comprising our desktop app/client technology, SDKs, self-serve developer dashboard and management console, developed games and content, and more. - The token that was previously planned and associated with DoG Protocol to be reworked to better fit within the Treasure ecosystem and $MAGIC holders. - Integrate the Ryu and DoG Protocol core team (n = 4) into Treasure’s core contributing team (under Game Builder Services, Inc., a service provider to Treasure) to accelerate the DAO’s product and technology initiatives while strengthening the ecosystem and partnerships. We’re huge fans of the Treasure ecosystem as builders, partners, and players, and have very naturally came to this conclusion of wanting to be part of it in a much more real and meaningful way through this proposal. Thank you to Karel, Yuri, and others from the Treasure core team for their input and thoughtfulness in discussing this proposal before we brought this to the rest of the Treasure community. # Read Full Proposal Please [click here]( to read the full TIP-41 proposal. # Voting Eligibility - The following holders of MAGIC can vote: - (A) Stakers in the Harvesters or the TreasureDAO Governance Staking contract, and holders of MAGIC-ETH SLP on Arbitrum One. - (B) Holders of all listed Magicswap LP tokens and stakers in Beefy’s mooSushiMAGIC-ETH vault or Balancer’s 50% MAGIC / 50% USDC weighted pool. - gMAGIC will be calculated on a 1:1 basis in (A) and 0.5 ratio in (B) (50% of MAGIC amount)

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